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Through a variety of independent medical distributors, ACON provides products for Diabetes Care, Clinical Chemistry including Urinalysis, and Immunoassay EIA/ELISA worldwide. Following our current OEM strategy, we are also willing to utilize multiple distribution partners in certain countries. Join us in further making quality diagnostic and medical products more affordable and accessible to people all around the world!


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We provide products through a wide range of channels including hospitals, clinical laboratories, physician offices, blood banks, pharmacies, and home users in more than 130 countries worldwide. To find a local distributor in your area, please click here.

Current Distributor Support
We continue to support our distributors through extensive product training, promotional presentations, technical support, advertising and tradeshow programs, instructive videos and other sales support materials. We believe working closely with our distributors and partners will allow us to further grow together! Contact your sales manager for login information.


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